"Make It Happen"

About WACH Marketing Inc.

WACH Marketing, Inc. is a full service marketing agency. We handle the marketing challenge from conception to execution.  Our clients depend on us to develop the BIG idea, the marketing plan, the creative, the media plan, and total execution.  Our experience encompasses all media channels: Digital, Radio, TV, Billboard, Print, and Web.  If you want “it” marketed, we can “make it happen.”Divider


It’s really not about me; it’s about YOU and your marketing challenge. However, since you clicked on the tab here’s some background info you may find useful:

FounderWachMarketingIncCharlotteAdvertisingCollege: UNC Chapel Hill
Major: Radio, TV, and Motion Pictures
Career Path: Sales and Marketing Professional
Career Highlights:
-Union Carbide Corporation Sales Executive
-President: CW Service Distributing Company
-Director of Non Foods: Rogers American Food Brokerage Company
-Sr. Account Executive: CBS Radio Corp.
-President: WACH Marketing, Inc. (founded 2007)

My unique background of business ownership, major corporate marketing initiatives, and local marketing challenges brings a perspective clients desire. Clients want a solution. That’s what I bring to the table.
Marketing fundamentals have not changed. The options to deliver the message have changed. Let us help you choose the correct options for success. With my many years of tangible experience and results, I am confident we can find a solution for your marketing challenge also.

~Charles Humphreys
President and CEO of Wach Marketing Inc.

Please feel free to contact me directly: chumphreys@wachinc.com