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Google AdWords Benefits

By on December 10, 2014

Google AdWords is an advertising tool in which agencies can market their clients via Google’s search results or their network of ad space across the internet. When a consumer searches the internet for a particular place, product, or service. Google will recognize the keywords within their searches and populate ads at the top of Google’s search results in relation to those keywords. If someone clicks on the ad, they are directed to the businesses website and the magic happens from there. Here’s just a few reasons why a properly managed Google AdWords campaign can be very beneficial to your business:

Cost Efficiency– Google AdWords is extremely cost efficient. The company that is displaying the ad pays will only pay if someone were to click on the ad. A budget maximum can be set on a daily basis and adjusted on the fly which means you won’t overpay. And if you have an experienced professional at the controls, your campaign will be optimized overtime to get the most clicks at the least cost.
Metrics– Businesses always want to be able to measure the results of their marketing efforts. With Google AdWords, you can see almost anything related to the performance of your AdWords campaign such as the click through rate, impressions,cost per acquisition etc.
Targeting– Small businesses can use Google AdWords to target specific locations such as cities, zip codes, and even radiuses around a certain location. An Adwords campaign can even be setup to target other demographic attributes such as age, language, gender, and so much more.
Remarketing– When a consumer searches for a new car in their city within google and then goes to a website within Google’s vast network of websites in which Google has ad space, an ad for car dealership in the area may appear within that ad space. This is called remarketing and if a Google AdWords is set to display within Google’s display network, it can provide excellent click through results.

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