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WACH Marketing Inc. offers a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional marketing solutions for small to medium size businesses. In order to serve you efficiently, please fill out the short assessment below. A Wach Marketing Inc. representative will get in touch with you within 1 business day, we look forward to speaking with you!

1. Does your brand image clearly represent your company?

2. Is your brand identity being used appropriately in your current marketing strategy?

3. Have your customers changed the way they find, buy, or use your product(s) and/or services?

4. Are you tailoring messages to specific market segments?

5. Does your website meet current internet standards?

6. Does your website meet the needs and interests of your visitors?

7. Have you started using social media to promote your business?

8. Have you used a marketing agency before?

9. Are your business operations seasonal?

10. Of the following services we offer, what are you interested in the most? Please select all that apply.
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